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de Miguel, Sergio



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Production and turnover of mycorrhizal soil mycelium relate to variation in drought conditions in Mediterranean Pinus pinaster, Pinus sylvestris and Quercus ilex forests A Hagenbo, Y Piñuela, C Castaño, JM de Aragón, S de-Miguel, JG Alday, ... New Phytologist 230 (4), 1609-1622 2021
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Corrigendum to’Impact of forest thinning on aboveground macrofungal community composition and diversity in Mediterranean pine stands’ E Collado, JA Bonet, JG Alday, JM de Aragón, S de-Miguel Ecological Indicators 133, 108427 2021
Impact of forest thinning on aboveground macrofungal community composition and diversity in Mediterranean pine stands E Collado, JA Bonet, JG Alday, JM de Aragón, S de-Miguel Ecological Indicators 133, 108340 2021
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Data & models: importance of assessing and forecasting non-wood forest products in Europe R Calama, J Miina, S de-Miguel, JA Bonet, F Mounir, M Tomé, ... Non-wood forest products in Europe. Ecology and management of mushrooms … 2020
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