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Lade, Sarah

Postdoctoral researchers

I received a Bachelor’s in Plant and Soil Science with a specialty in Landscape Horticulture from the University of Vermont (USA) and started my career by setting up a landscape design and tree care company. Upon coming to Spain, I studied a Master’s in Agrifood Production Systems at the University of Lleida. My thesis focused on the effects of Salicylic acid in decreasing plant disease responses. I continued with a similar line of work for my PhD in Plant Pathology (UdL), and studied how the rhizobacteria Azospirillum brasilense decreases the susceptibility of crops to common pathogens. My current line of research focuses on studying the mycobiome of grapevine trunk diseases in Catalonia, characterizing which factors are responsible for their proliferation. A highlight of this work has been successfully testing a treatment method which may serve to decrease disease incidence at scale.