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Perpinyà Vallès, Martí

PhD Candidates

I have a background as a Physics Engineer from the Polytechnical University of Catalunya (UPC), where I graduated after a Bachelor Thesis carried out in Warwick University, England, on Astrophysics. After that, I decided to turn my view back to Earth, and went on to get a Master's degree in Earth and Space Physics and Engineering, taking the study line of Earth Observation, in the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Having widened my knowledge on climate change during my Master's degree, I have found that my aim is to be able to address the increasing threat that climate change supposes by using remote sensing data and providing insightful solutions. Among these, nature-based solutions such as better forest management and monitoring specially caught my attention, thus I will be pursuing my Industrial PhD between Lobelia Earth and Universitat de Lleida to develop forest monitoring strategies from Earth Observation and Artificial Intelligence.