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Voltas, Jordi


PhD in Agronomy, University of Lleida, 1998. I am interested in the ecophysiological characterization and adaptive structure of Mediterranean forest trees in the face of global change. I mainly focus on (i) the analysis of intraspecific genetic variation and evolutionary trade-offs in life history traits, (ii) the identification and use of physiological traits of potential application in genetic screening and breeding activities under drought stress, and (iii) the retrospective analysis of environmental responses and the interpretation of climate signals under current climate using local to global dendroecological approaches. I have coauthored over 100 SCI articles and 14 chapters of national and international books, and I have been involved in over 20 national research projects (in 8 as principal investigator) and in 4 international projects (as principal investigator of national group).


Title Authors Journal Number Year
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